Initial Level is the first step of organized instruction. Considering that early stimulation is the set of actions to promote child development.

Our Proposal:

"A kindergarten where children are actors, artists, curious and reflective, based on a model of responsible and creative coexistence."
Look at the initial integral development of children through the teaching body of knowledge, entertainment and motor learning favor of old age, as well as exposure to a foreign language, as his mind, even in training, conditions have to incorporate an infinite number of codes and sounds. Our project proposes that from age 2 children begin to acquire the second language, with emphasis on visual and auditory stimuli, emphasizing the first joint production with proper oral. With games, stories, workshops and other resources began a journey through the values ​​to learn to live together in peace, to share, to be supportive, respectful of our environment

Our Purpose

Construction of a perception of themselves and the world around them to be children engaged and able to analyze critically the facts, protecting the environment.
We encourage the acquisition of behaviors and habits that define people by proclaiming the value of life
Enrich and strengthen the skills necessary for literacy acquisition, respecting the times of each child and celebrate their achievements.
Stimulation of independent thinking and logical reasoning.
We promote the enjoyment of art as a channel of expression and communication.
Referees agreements and strategies for the articulation of levels
We encourage ongoing training of staff.
Families to integrate the educational task.


  • Physical-Education Camp
  • Computer
  • Music and Corporal Expression
  • Walking-educational outputs

We invite families and community to share and enjoy the work of children:

  • Concert
  • Art Fair and Arts
  • Science Fair
  • Open or closed classes of projects-
  • Exposure to foreign language through experiences such as plays, puppets, etc..
  • Celebrations, St. Patrick's Day, Grandparents Day, Family Day, anniversaries, Gardens Meeting

The structure of the initial level curriculum includes:

  • Garden Nursery: Room two years simply Shift Day Evening
  • Kindergarten: Room for three years simply Shift Day Shift Evening Tomorrow.
  • Room for four and five years Full-time
  • Workshops: Body language, Puppets, Theatre, Kitchen.